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Album: Echoes of Doom

The Debut-Album of Pentaman is coming out!

It is already available on his street gigs in NRW/Germany and will soon be available as download and CD. For a limited time you can listen to it on the youtube-channel.

  1 Echoes of Doom I 2:53
  2 Nothing Without Us 3:52
  3 Safe from Heaven 4:28
  4 Echoes of Doom II 6:12
  5 The Old Clown 4:01
  6 Gruesome Blues 3:25
  7 Show Your Anus 4:01
  8 Echoes of Doom III 6:16
  9 Already Dead 4:36
10 Prisoners of Conditioning 7:30
11 Echoes of Doom IV 5:18
12 Echoes of Doom V 3:23

Echoes of Doom

You can contact Pentaman via email: pentamail{├Ąt}